Who We Are

Unibiz Solutions is a managed IT solutions and services company dedicated to helping clients maximize their potential, outperform competitors, and dramatically improve customer interactions through the handling of technology to their advantage.

Innovative Services

We provide your business with experienced and certified staff to proactively maintain and improve your IT infrastructure.

Dynamic Solutions

We make business simple, helping you integrate innovative technologies into result driven solutions for effectiveness and efficiency.

Professional Services

Our team will be there every step of the way to design and implement sophisticated solutions to make your business more flexible and scalable.

Strategic Consulting

Our experienced consultants can provide the design and delivery of compliant and secure solutions to help accelerate time to value across the organization.


Unibiz Solutions implements the right solution for your business.

Today, businesses run more efficiently when they adapt to rapidly advancing technologies. As a result, businesses often try to save money by handling IT issues and related challenges in-house, using their own staff. This may work for a while, but it will soon unlock a whole new world of problems that you may not be prepared for. To keep up with other businesses, you need to upgrade your technology, applications, and services and train your staff to adapt to these changes.

This is why relying on a reliable IT solutions provider, like Unibiz Solutions, to take care of your IT needs will make it easier for you to focus on your other business needs. We offer only the most cost-effective solutions for your business by upgrading only what is crucial. By providing up-to-date training and round-the-clock maintenance, our company will help you monitor and further strengthen your IT infrastructure.

Loss of Business

Computer failures can cause losses to many parts of your business.  With the right technology, we can prevent failures before they happen.

Loss of Money

When your business has to resort to downtime, it can result in an extensive loss of time & unwanted expenses rebuilding your infrastructure.

Loss of Data

Data is the life line of any business. Valuable information cannot be recovered if it is not implemented using the right technology.

Loss of Reliability

Without a strong IT strategy, you cannot service your customers on time, and potentially risk losing customers to your competition.


Unibiz Solutions implements the right solutions for your business.

We offer comprehensive IT service solutions so you can focus on your business. Let our experts secure, protect and manage your systems so your business can enjoy peace of mind. Our commitment to continuous business improvement is backed by relevant industry certifications.

Our highly trained technicians can arrange a free site survey and consultation to help you decide on the most cost-effective solutions and the most reliable strategies to strengthen your IT framework.

Managed IT

From a stand-alone PC to a complete server based network system, we deliver exactly what our clients require. On-site or remote, we provide around the clock IT support to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Hosted Services

Data is the life line of any business. Engage products, customers and staff to collaborate and share data faster and smarter through secured hosting. We offer reliable cloud, web, data backup and mail solutions.


Our Networking division provides full networking services, management, monitoring, cabling, and security implementation. We will ensure your network infrastructure and data is safe and secured from any threat.

App & Web Development

Customized desktop to mobile, our programmers can develop the most advanced applications for any industry. We will custom design, develop and deploy your website and application according to your requirement.



Customized technology solutions designed and developed for today's complex market.

Innovative custom solutions to help business run more efficiently and smoothly; our solutions can help you maximize your productivity and expand your capability using next generation technology and services.

Unified Communications

Convert you existing phone system to the latest digital VOIP solutions. Save up to 70% off, with 30 free premium features.

Warehouse Solutions

Improve your inventory control with intelligent warehouse management services; cost effective and real-time inventory control.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Serve your customers faster using our customized POS solutions integrated with time-saving smart applications.

Digital Signage

Market your products and service to the right customers using effective location based marketing solutions and contents.